Since the bans of February 15th, the Blue forces have only sought to broaden their web of global influence. Few today know that the Blue Midrange players hold biannual meetings at a Victorian manor house where, like the Bilderberg Group, or the Syndicate in The X-Files, they coordinate their global PR strategy for keeping the non-Blue players subjugated. There they sip sherry, recline in leather wingback chairs, twirl their moustaches, and talk like this:

Mr. Wilder:
When will the benighted hordes be satisfied? After all our sacrifices, they should have trust in our good faith. We have given them Wrenn and Six, we have given them Oko, we have given them [sheds actual tear] our own Deathrite Shaman, but where there should be gratitude we find only uncounterable Elves.
Mr. Aisaka:
Behind us the countries will unite only when they truly believe, when the false prophecies of religion and democracy can no longer guide them as we can. Now is the time for a careful and unified Blue, for without unity there will be no Blue future. But what message can we put forward? What can we say to those who would rather lead on Cloudpost than fulfill their destiny?
Mr. White:
I have long pondered this question, and spoken with my countrymen as their representative. You must speak to your peoples as I have spoken to mine. They have asked: “why so many cantrips? Must every spell replace itself?” I am sure all of you have heard such cries in your own streets. To such persons I declare: “Why do you persist with your Chalices and Blood Moons? Why is there so little destiny in your eyes? And if you won’t be destinies and inexorable ones, how can you one day triumph with me? And if your hardness will not flash and cut and cut to pieces, how can you one day create with me? For all creators are hard. And it must seem blessedness to you to press your hand on the format as upon wax, bliss to write on the will of Legacy as on bronze, harder than bronze, nobler than bronze. Only the noblest is perfectly hard. This new tablet do I put over you, O my brethren: you must cast Uro.”
Mr. Hansen:
[exhaling from cigar] There's a good fellow.

These insidious forces will only be toppled if the free Legacy players of the world understand what they're up against. I update the Blue Stew Generator so that, by testing these decks, you can better understand how to defeat them. Or, if you want to become part of the Blue cabal yourself, that's cool too. Leather chairs are really comfortable.

I’m overwhelmingly grateful to the Legacy community for their response to Blue Stew. My friend Patrick Daly has created a Nic Fit Generator, and I insist he pilot one of its lists as soon as paper tourneys resume in Seattle. Elaine Cao created a D&T Generator, the results of which are, so far as I can tell, no less playable than established D&T lists.

Feel free to email me with any feedback. Any word about the playability of decklists (such as having not enough mana to cast a certain spell) is especially appreciated.

Thanks continue to go out to Patrick Daly, Jim Huang, Mary Kuhner, Josh Monks, Lee Hung Nguyen, Eli Tripoli, Travis Wichtendahl, and James You for all their help and inspiration.

The original generator, from the dark days of DHA and Oko, is available here.

Code and files for the current generator are available here.

Last updated 05/11/2021.

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