Ragavan banned on the one year anniversary of Blue Stew!

I’m overwhelmingly grateful to the Legacy community for their response to Blue Stew. My friend Patrick Daly has created a Nic Fit Generator, and I insist he pilot one of its lists as soon as paper tourneys resume in Seattle. Elaine Cao created a D&T Generator, the results of which are, so far as I can tell, no less playable than established D&T lists.

Feel free to email me with any feedback. Any word about the playability of decklists (such as having not enough mana to cast a certain spell) is especially appreciated.

Thanks continue to go out to Patrick Daly, Jim Huang, Mary Kuhner, Josh Monks, Lee Hung Nguyen, Eli Tripoli, Travis Wichtendahl, and James You for all their help and inspiration.

The original generator, from the dark days of DHA and Oko, is available here.

Code and files for the current generator are available here.

Last updated March 2022.

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